quarta-feira, 10 de maio de 2017

The wrinkle or, and, the chip on the shoulder

Recent yahoo news, last navigation, showing Barak couple, Michele in blue dress with a strange title, like him asking her to see the wrinkle on his jacket.

Of course this sub line came from an article of Visão 96 magazine as explained in previous analysis, that is again on my table, included in the next manuscript extract, I hope, that came from the analyse of the French magazines, PR 84, because there is indeed a possible reading connection between this two aspects or facts in these two magazines, knowing that Visão is or was running by French peoples.

This recent news from Obama, after the last night in white house pijamas party, lead me to this lecture that I share in photos, and reflects NS, world organization subjects and crimes and murders, namely the recent facts on the city of Olaf Palmer, after a very strange invitation to him to make play lists after being president.

This ip, that can be read as BEI, European bank of investments, or even BE, I, bloco de esquerda, group journalist from I, Luis Osorio company, can have a correlation with the last show IP, on the mariner boat Orage, and the line of the flight carrier Joanne D`Arc and the red helmet, that also link Ted Kennedy death and by extension Olaf Palmer at Zenha presidency campaign

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