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01 04 2017 the published 6 parts together

This video is the six parts all together published day 01 04 2017 in this blog, that I suppose the terrorists had change and have a part on the comment that is correlated with recent developments, namely the image of the young lady in MSN, with the blue baby dress with roses on the the junction curve.  

um rabisco da noticia do MSN de sabado passado comentado em video
This image is within the sequence that in my point of view as explained in previous posts had conduct another young lady, Italian one at London to death.
Because the dress curve was not only as references, values and correspondences the ones mentioned in the previous posts, but also come, from the image and the value of the cranes or grou sub lines, witch means remembering in a synoptic way, the crane sub lines and recent developments like the one that had fall recently in the north of Portugal drawing a similar curve, like a wave, the Japan symbol on my anlyse concerning the tsunami 2011 Japan, the prepared image, recent one, with a crane on the building construction at Livramento street, the multiple traces on the sky, the vase, that as contrary to what is referred on the upper video, was not the mason triangle but the compass, (and I suppose that they had change this particular word on my speech), that is also a reference to an old fact, the similar form at Fatima, catholic sanctuary in the centre of Portugal, sky when the parents whore there for Maddie (the English missing child / image cover of DN at time), the recent presence of Paul Auster at Lisbon,  and before these more recent facts, the sub lines concerning cranes, within the 911 analyses, like the ones coming from the book, the lost language of the cranes”, that had at time also a real reflex of a fallen one in America ; compass as reference to some of the lines on Nicole Kidman film, or the Animal side; and the recent important one at the same street nearby the foreigner affairs, the echo on the oriental Japan style image of the mask within the analyse of the Kane helmets sequence from the French magazine, PR 84; and just before the MSN image of the young lady, the pass on the locker of my home door, that had inside the same shape, prepared must I presume. All these facts are described in my blogs.

one link concerning  a recent comment and development on this subject

the A on the cloud

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