terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2017

still the same crime of impeachment concerning the possibility of re install my Office

The page of Microsoft or apparently Microsoft, says that the license is expired, what do not correspond to the true

this is the way of the terrorists

3 reading and remembering the speech of Turin done by Harold Pinter in 2002, that seems fit on the actual american weather signs

or the always other side of the same coin

2 part of two



as approached and explained in this video, the image echo or mirror of Trumps showing the signature of the federal judge decision, and the established similitude with the signature in the book poesie surreliste, here recently i read to all again the poem about the serpent ritual, after seeing this Trumps image I was looking for this book and is gone, which means some of the fuckers criminals and terrorist that still accessing my home every days had stole it meanwhile. 

the other part of this speech is a addressing the donkey candidate and university teacher Sampaio Nevoa 

1 part of two, comments on recent Yahoo news, some echos from Trumps, and in the image of Sampaio Nevoa, ex donkey candidate to Pr

segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2017

strange this may be

1. The lady that the horse pt. president figures on an echo photo of him published in this link under,

(The upper title was changed by the terrorist online and by this way had suggest a different sense on the sentence, perhaps succeed even to kill someone   

have as name Goebbels, or a very similar name to the one that had been the minister of propaganda of Hitler , the one that says once that witch time that he hear speaking about culture he take out the gun  

Today I just find in yahoo the news that his secretary died 


There is indeed a strange woman that appear not far away connected with one of the photo of the other terrorist, Sampaio Nevoa, also published en recent post

1.      Also in yahoo, another resonance, with recent aspects included on the annex to my manuscript, Zo do Om do infinito do mar, published in the under link, where Iris as name also appeared within the story of Comes, the Serpent God and today seems the lady elected is not only French but have also the same name


1.     another resonance, I suppose created in purpose by yahoo, as you can see, the graphic approach of the faces of these people is also similar to the thumbnails that I also published with the above referred document
             my link 

zo do om do infinito do mar, documentos anexados e quatro frames com o conteudo deste documento

3.     yahoo links of these news