quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2017

a chopper yesterday hovering at the side of the school that have the so call coffin, in the axe of a near building

the catholic school at Campo de Ourique

I suppose this prepared pass yesterday during the afternoon, was someone showing what can be interpreted correlated with crimes of Microsoft software, windows 10 pro, because as show in a recent doc published under, there is is the local security politic a descriptor that have a code inside that i can not take away, that had a particular construction, bag bad, and in a way is fair to say, that this architectonic element in this building, is also a form not far away from a bag.

I just remember for now that Coffin, is a important term or theme within the analyze of 911, as explained in faraway doc published at my blog sea matters.

Of course this maneuver of the helicopter yesterday is not a common one, which means who have done it, must had a clear and precise purpose, the position is namely in the axe of the commercial planes in the approximation to the airport.

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