29 of december

link at Casa de Deus, about curia, as place in the north of portugual, that seems be one of the meanings of this starnge ilussion thta covers also a crime


28 of November 

the strange talk, and perhaps false conversation that are publish here with apparently the european criminal court, and madame standart, wich seems by what i show where, also a active part of this conspiracy

This is a crime!

This is a crime against a child
This is a crime against a father

This are many crimes against all humankind

23 of November

no awnser of any kind from no one until this day


10 of November

 try to present this crime by letter to the PM of Luxemburg

i send the  letter  today  by post, which is a formal crime complain, in the absence of any replay from the Luxembourg embassy here at Lisbon,

in this link, the account of that contact at 21 10 2011


the complain is already here published as a crime complain to the geral prosecutor of Luxembourg at the day 18 10 2011, and also any replay until this moment
in this link


21 of October

try to present this complain of crime trough the luxemburg embassy at lisbon

video 174 E 21 10 2011, call to Luxemburg embassy at Lisbon

this is the account of a phone call to Luxemburg embassy, yesterday, 20 of October, trying to present and inform the embassy the existence of a crime in they territory and subsequently criminal complain

was you can confirm by yourself, the lady that tolds me to be, christine coorman, when I ask her the official address of the prime minister of Luxemburg, start to say that without knowing the subject, she can not give me, with is a very strange answer

then we listen what it seems to be also a prepared set, very loud sound of steps, of feminine steps, like a horse or a mule and coorman, or corman, remind me the name of the one once considered the worst film maker of all time in America, terror movies, there was quoted long time ago on my book of life, ourosobreazul.blogspot.com

worst movies, can also fit this last line comment with mr marco from the speroni, EC parliament cabinet, who by the image of caviar and monica belluci, can also fit in the killing of beslan,

the fact that this call was directly connect trow the PT terrorists reinforce that suspicion of a prepared set to induce a certain lecture

this bandits of this international criminal association make always a labyrinth, and a labyrinth is a place where all peoples get lost some time, as it seems happening with all humankind, for this reason, we can say the some are really interested in maintain others, like me, in this labyrinth, this will have as consequence abbreviate the fall of all, because the ligth or the absence of it, is what aloud man to see and come out of labyrinth

if you don t believe, you all see

labyrinth is also a recent comment that I have done, remember to all, a American movie, where all a city, metaphor of a micro or macro cosmos, plays a constant show to one in particular, and life in many levels on the account, of the constant movie, the victim is subject for the pleasure and different interest of many’s

do you remember.... a kind of big brother, with criminal intentions

 in this link where athis blog,  the written complain to the prossecutor of luxemburg, france and italy

 21 of October 2011

second call to luxemburg police

video 173 E 21 10 2011, second call to Luxemburg police

this is the video account on the second call to Luxemburg police trying to present a complain of a crime that is going on in the jurisdiction of this country, in two European institutions, Curia, the European court and EC parliament

again the same criminal operandus process show the face, as the same at curia calls, the lady that I had speak on the first call and who identify herself as member of that police, now seems not exist, as the same within curia

both are apparently portuguese, this prove that this international criminal association has a portuguese branch, that first appears at the official community center at Lisbon, jean monet, before as you all remember, the killing in Norway and other at canaries, Spain, as I gave the account at that moment

if true that in this phone the call was attended by the Luxembourg police, the music in wait seems the same as you can heard, this is also unacceptable and also a crime, namely when the man say to me that I must go to Luxemburg to present a complain of this nature 

19 of October 2011

luxembourg police, or a new crime, confirming that is a world conspiracy crime 

this is the account of my second call to luxemburg police, 
the first one here on this day, 17 10 2011, where the official lady,a portuguese one, promisse me that they phone back at most monday
today is wednesday!
them a phone back, and i had this incrible conversation

this is by it self, a new crime complain to all the autorities at luxemburg and in the world


  18 of October 2011

analyse of the crime at curia, part of the complain to the authorities

concerning the last phone call to Curia, on day 12 of October, and what i " read " on it contence, that prove and show some facets of this international terrorists association
in particular to policy and court authorities

18 of October 2011

i try to present this crime complain to the, 

To the police of Luxembourg
unit against international terrorism

To the general prosecutor of grand ducale of Luxembourg
To the general prosecutor of France republic
To the general prosecutor of Italy republic

send by register mail, in three copy’s, with a demand of reception invoice to the fallowing three address

this is a crime complain concerning European institutions that are in your country ad consequently under your jurisdiction

the crime facts arise in at least three European country’s, Portugal, Luxembourg and France, for this reason, this is a international crime

the nature of the crime, is an act of terrorism, and a international one

there are at least three aims in this crime,

a crime against two European citizen, me and a child, my soon

a crime against justice it self, in the sense that the complain that I m trying to submit to the court also deals with a lot of acts of world terrorism with many murders, individual and collective

a crime against the court of Curia, and it security, that indicate by the facts, the presence of a terrorists association with possible branch in many others European country’s

from the beginning of this process in the day 8 of July this year, process, hereby understand as, attempt of presenting a complain to Curia, this intentional crimes whore committed

1-stolen and diversion of communication

2-forgery of official documents from the court and the signature of the general secretary of the court, Mr E. Coulon

3-obstruction of justice

all the facts and proves until this day, are on line, at aconspiracycrime.blogspot.com

whereby under the links that correspond to the steps of this crimes

1-stolen and diversion of communication

1.1 in the page on line, documents, in the beginning, with this same title, the first letter envoy to Curia, by fax on 8 of July, and respective official reception from the official Portuguese company of communication CTT

1.2 above the second, and third letter that I send to Curia, and also the forgery letters that apparently came from the court

1.3 in the main page on line http://aconspiracycrime.blogspot.com/2011/08/blog-post.html, video statement in english prove that this terrorists in this international conspiracy also had infiltrated the court of Curia

1.4 in the same page, post at 30 of august, prove in two parts, http://aconspiracycrime.blogspot.com/2011/08/internacional-terrorists-at-center-jean.html, one link of this terrorists where in Lisbon, in the official center of European communities

1.5 by others proves that also are in this page present, namely the contacts with europol, in the post of day 6 of September, http://aconspiracycrime.blogspot.com/2011/09/proves-that-support-claim-of-existence.html , the support of the claim of the existence of a international conspiracy

2 -forgery of official documents from the court and the signature of the general secretary of the court, Mr E. Coulon

first letter received from Curia

second letter received from curia

3- the facts and proves above sustain my claim that is going on a crime of international terrorism which is also a crime of justice obstruction among many others, as you can understand by what I call, general statement in 29 of august, http://aconspiracycrime.blogspot.com/2011/08/my-name-is-paulo-miguel-forte-i-live-at.html, and also where you can find my legal identity elements and contacts

I will published another video extract where I analyze the last until this day, phone call with curia.
The post will have the date of this letter

equivalent in they essence, to the crimes above described, others are also occurring concerning the EC, and for this reason, that amplifies and more sustain the prove that we are in the presence of a international complex terrorists criminal association, and for this reason I also present to Luxembourg authorities a complain concerning the facts that are also refereed on this sames pages

today, day 17 of October, I received in my phone number, register at 8h 25m with the indication of private number, apparently from lady meyer, assistant of the president of the European Parliament, Mr. jerky buzek, that by her account, if her, confirm me the same crime, because she stated that a replay signed by the president it self, was sending to me, and I only received a letter on his behalf from the citizen inquire services of EC

the account of the facts that prove the existence of this crime in this links on the same on line publication, www.aconspiracycrime.blogspot.com

13 of September
a SOS letter send to the EC president and video statement , under

14 of September
letter publish as open letter and send to all the representatives at EC, without any answer until now, also can indicate crimes of diversion of official correspondence

15 of September
first phone contact with the assistant of Mr president, lady meyer

1 of October
apparently letter received from EC

10 of October
second false letter from EC citizen inquires services

12 of October
telephone call to the cabinet of Mr francesco speroni

17 of October
open inquiry to Mr marco , from the cabinet of francesco speroni

by the reasons that arise on this two last conversation, other possible motive of crime also arise, giving substance to what I sustain in the public conversation with Mr president, jerky buzek

to the prosecutor of Italy republic hereby I present a complain against Mr marco from the cabinet of Ec francesco speroni for having deny help to a citizen that present to him the existence of crime, namely a attempt of murder

to the prosecutor of grand ducat of Luxembourg I also stress that contrary to what was promise by phone by the official of police that I have talk with, I did not received any call, last Monday, which seems also a indication already of a pressure and eventually a corruption act under this police

to the prosecutor of France republic, this complain is also present in the same terms, by the reason, that some of this European institutions also are in french territory and subsequently under his jurisdiction

I stress to all, the fact that this evidences show the existence of well organized criminal associations, and this also say to all, by them existence it self, that many other crimes, concerning political and economical corruption that are crimes against all the states of law , republics and all citizens in the European communitarian space, are real and going on, and even crimes of murder, of distinct nature

connected support documents also published at the page documents on this on line publication

waiting for your replay, I stress the fact that the attempts against my life and my soon are going on a daily basis, expecting what citizens must always expected from justice, expedite action

with my compliments

paulo forte
Lisbon , 18 10 2011
this document have 4 pages

17 of October

first try to present a crime complain about this crimes at the criminal european court that is at luxemburg, at luxemburg police

this is the account of the first phone call to luxemburg police, at the day 14 of this month, to present a criminal complain regarding the crimes that still going on at Curia, the european court

i did not have a replay until now from the anti terrerorist unity at luxemburg police, , this subject will be updated soon,
also i did no get any replay until now  from from lady nunes or other , at curia,

12 of October


In this video account, there a part in portuguese, by the reason that apparently a portuguese lady, Nunes is one of the assistant of Mr secretary of the court, E. Coulon

i say apparently, by the same reason proved on one of the first video , trying to phone curia, where i had speak also with a lady portuguese and in subsequent phones, other peoples at the same court, say that there no one with that name

in the part in portuguese, in a synthetically way, the lady nunes say that s is normal in her point of vue, the existence of different signatures, which even are not, but only photocopies, of signatures, distinct, because she sat that sometimes, others administrators some times sign in his behalf

i replay to her, that is not possible and also illegal, because the name is mr E Coulon, and if another, administrator or other signed in her behalf, them this will be the correct formulation, and of course mentioned the name of whom signed in his behalf, which is not the case.

During the day of today, until the hour of this post, as contrary to what she told me, i did not received any return call from the court to speak with Mr. E Coulon


10 of October 2011


publish the second letter from the court 

with the date arrival of the second letter from the european criminal court 29 of September

there is a crime that this second letter apparently from the european court show and confirm, and still don t anwser neither to the first crime, deviation of correspondence, neither to the complain, they say also that they had send me meanwhile another letter, but never arrived

Second false letter from the european court, curia

must I presume

I received in hand yesterday, 09 10 2011, this letter ,  apparently again from the secretary of the court, Mr E, Coulon, letter and envelope at the page documents, here in this blog , with the date of today

why this is a false letter, if you compare the two letters that I apparently received from curia until now, not three as this letter mentioned, the name is the same, but the signatures are different

again as in the first letter, the letters are not signed, because the false signature in both, are impress in the same way, as the letters of the the words of the contents

again this prove, that we are in the presence of a international crime of conspiracy

as you can see, even the stamps are false or this criminal association has also a branch on Luxembourg post

to all the european authorities, I demand an immediate inquiry

remember also what is account on videos hereby published about the firsts phone contacts with curia

(this appears on this writing, inter n a tio bn a l, a eve lope, ou do lopes, pedro, envelope, en velo elo lope, also a name of a portuguese lady, velo, jason group, see lines about, on book of life, lux em burg, or first vase of the x, burg, city, cidade cida de, )


30 de August 2011

date of this videos publishing, trying to understand why i did not get any replay, and the discover of this crime inside the european court it self, curia,  this tree videos are the account, facts and parcial prove that the international terrorists also had infiltrated the european court of justice, Curia , at luxemburg

28 of august 2011

my replay to the first letter from the european court, curia, in two parts that correspond to two letters concerning this replay, where a key of the parcial id of the names of the terrorists inflitrated at the court, appear

27 of june 2011
first letter apparently received from the european criminal court

18 july 2011

second letter send to Curia, european court on 18 of july 2011
the first one disapeard on the court it self, the terrorists say

08 de july 2011

first letter send to CURIA,european court on 08 of july 2011, with a criminal complain, and the demand of an expedite action from this court

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