quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2011

general statment

This text, is the first one that i publish in the conspiracy crime blogs at

monday, 29 de August  2011

general statment

My name is paulo miguel forte, I live at lisbon in portugal

I have been prosecute for many by different reasons almost all my life

for the last six years I have my young child stolen, abuse and subject to torture as me

all my rights have been denied to all authorities in Portugal, including the right of claim and defense

I d ont have any knowledge of any official accusation against me during this time

many torture me in daily basis, many violate my home almost every day, they still from me many things, including intellectual and commercial property, as for instance the concept and application of you tube, that before was launch here in Portugal with the name of channel zero, they violate, restricted and divert all my kinds of communication, many control all my steps in this city, I have been beating, and many times life threatening and a life under a continuing attempt to murder my and my family

I live like I was prisoner, and I only still alive because my mother give me 80 euros by week and my father 45, for food expenses

I m a very well know person in this country and many around the world, I am the first independent TV producer in Portugal and I had made many series for the Portuguese television, I know that is difficult to believe, but this last six years any one, came to me and offer any kind of support

why this is happening to me and my soon, can a good soul ask

because after the millennium, a great battle between shadows and light arise at a world level

because as many know, I had made a promise to save the humankind, and I doing the work in love, by the love

because I start among others things to write a book of life, http://www.ourosobreazul.blogspot.comwhich I strongly believe is also the humankind salvation plan

because I am a kind of genius and many become interested in my works, some for bad reason

As once Obama quoted indirectly this crime, by the American laws and certainly by many others, this is a crime of international conspiracy

why, because love him and America, and as a way of speaking we have been playing a kind of nba tennis, with a lot of help and protection among other subjects that I give to all, because we life all just in one world which became interconnected in a way that mankind never know or lived before

in this blog I will made the account of this law battle against the international terrorists, for the sake of Love and Truth which is the pillar of peace among all and the assurance and the road of salvation
for all