english translation of the first letter send to Curia, european court on 8 july 2011


To the Court of Justice of European Communities

send by fax in the day 8 of july 2011

I hereby request the court to bring an action expedite, legal concepts found in your site associated with this court

as I refer in a public statement in video posted in this links

in the same way as the link in your official website, in contrary to the information provided on the page of this court itself has not given access to the forms for that expeditious action, that is mentioned in the court official website

the official jurist representative of the European community in Lisbon, jean monet centre, Portugal, deny me any kind of help

why the request for expedite action?

Because for the last six years all my complains that I try to present to all the judicial and judiciary institutions here in portugal, have all been deny in a criminal way, injuring many juridical principles consecrate in many laws, which as the practical consequence in deny the right of claim and defense

in a very clear way, complains whore present in PSP, judiciary police, PGR, ( general public attorney) Court of family and Child’s of Lisbon, Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, Parliament, to all the leaders of political party’s, to Presidency, to the Order of Doctors and Lawyers, to the judges associations, and none, of them until this moment, gave me any kind of answer

this show one of the most dark facets of this crime, a crime of conspiracy, that show also to all, the trans systemic rottenness of the regime in portugal and consequently the total failure of the judicial and judiciary system

because I bring my small child stolen and abuse for this last six years and any authorities judiciary , judicial, politics and from all the orders that are involved in this crime for all this time, anyone without any exception, gave me at least a answer, and all have deny me the right to claim and defend

because, myself, i have been target of persecution by many , individuals and groups acting as bandits associations and using also many state institutions on this persecution

because in this complex crime that i must consider of world conspiracy, against myself and my life, as in the same way against to my soon, because many times we had ours life’s under treat, I have even been physical beaten and target of multiple attempts of murder, without any of my complains had any kind of follow by all the authorities

because my home, is in daily basis object of illegal entrances command for many distinct entity’s , including secret services, spying, robbery, and preparing different “arts” that in my point of vue, had contributed for crimes around the world, many of them genocide, and others that had as result the dead of many individuals, and the same is been occurring concerning all my rights that are granted by communitarian and national laws

because all my steps, actions and movements are constantly controlled by many under the command of many distinct, and the same is happening during all this time with all kind of my communications, that are robber, deviated and changed in regular basis, as I prove in the same video that I mentioned upper in this letter, namely when i try the first time to contact by phone Interpol and in the second try, second video, trough another phone, em the day 06 07 2011

because in this complex crime, me and my soon, had been subject to continuous acts of torture and slavery in they moderns and sophisticated forms, where all the medias had a daily and relevant role and
in this strategies of continue attempt to frame me for almost all the disgraces that happen in the world,

because in this crime, exist and run many distinct crimes of other nature as patrimonial robbers and intellectual property in many country s around the world, as for instance in america, that value today billion of dollars or euros

because this systematic persecution trough many state institutions , aim also the financial robber, of my patrimony, and also the one of my family, and serve the goal of the bandits as a way to take from em the possibility of action, and defense of myself and my soon, as way to maintain the abuses and crimes

because all my incomes and the possibility of incomes has been robber and deny during all this years, including the support that s granted by the portuguese law concerning this situations of economical insufficiency of means, and this is also used as a mechanism in this crime to perpetuating of the robber and acts of torture against my soon and me, and consequently of cover and intentional of all others crimes that are included and behind, that still going on

who can all understand the complexity of this crime and verify is nature of a crime of world conspiracy, by listening some of my videos statements publish about all the facts and distinct crimes that i have been giving the details account, on my sites, , and, and also at my channel in you tube

during all this years i do not bring knowledge by any way, even any kind of notification from any portuguese authorities, claiming that exist against me any suspicion , research, process or charge

this accusation is produced against many state portuguese institutions at distinct levels, governments, parliament, presidency, polices and courts, supreme court included, and also against individuals, against orders of professionals, doctors and lawyers, and against orders of other natures like mason, and opus dei, the catholic church of portugal and roma, and members and leaders from distinct portuguese institutions and distinct enterprises, and also others in foreign territory some outside europe

in a crime of this complexity, I understand the need of an expedite action, by the nature it self of what where i call nuclear crimes, as the robber of my soon, the torture, his own and mine safety, because this crimes still going on, and i demand to the court the conditions that assure from the portuguese authorities, the respect that is due to me and to him, concerning ours rights that are granted by laws, namely the protections

by other side, many others crimes of distinct natures that had gain substance and still are gaining , in this conspiracy, will need a full investigation that produce the prove to submit to trial, within what i must consider distinct for the juridical concept that sustain the, expedite action, even remember and saying as always, that all the justice must be done always in a expedite way, because this is the assurance that the harm don’t grow and the compensation of the ones offended, fulfill

at the ligth of the explain above, after the court's understanding of the nature and complexity of this crime, immediately ask the court expeditiously

that the court by sentence compel the portuguese state to the immediate integral fulfillment of the portuguese and communitarian laws, that the state representative in the level of justice, give me written assurances concerning the immediate return of my soon and assurance of safety, and the cessation of all kind of criminal acts of persecution and torture over both us

the nomination of a team of prosecutors that work here in portugal during the time needed to research and obtain the confirmation on the facts concerning this crimes , present in written detail in public mode at my public blogs

because is a criminal fact that all the authorities in the judiciary and judicial field, are corrupted and had bowed to various interests involved, and also a fact that they are covering every day without exception these crimes all these years

i gave to the court knoledge of a fact at June 30, this year, the Portuguese daily newspaper Y, claim that the government at the moment of ceasing functions, erase all the official information and certainly others, from their computers, crime against the state of law and the Portuguese Republic, which also has raced in the past in all the goverments before without any criminal liability

It was my intention to send this request for expedite action by the representation of the official European community in Lisbon, but how can you judge by the videos in the link above, this was denied and also this denial is a proof of the nature and dimension of this transnational conspiracies, and therefore i will try to send from a balcony of the ctt, couriers Portugal, who also during these years, diverted my correspondence, in the hope that you get

in the sheet annex, the photocopy of my identity card of portuguese citizen, as prove to confirm my identity

I ask the court for the reasons described above, control and diversion of constant correspondence by many, to send the return receipt of this letter to the address below, and that your subsequent response is also send for the same address and i ask also that who send me a copy of the translation of this complain and request for an expedite action , on order that i can evaluate its fidelity to this original written in portuguese

I remind the court as above stated, that my communications are systematically curtailed, controlled by several, and trafficked and tampered and it is possibly that this fax will be aslo diverted as your answer,

for this reason i send hereby my phone number, and i appreciate a contact, to confirm me the arrival of this complain and also when you send to me your replay

this original has two pages , the second one signed his the copy of my identity card

i will ask also at ctt the presence confirmation of my identity, that will be also annex in manuscript way in the second page of this document, with the id and stamp of the ctt worker

paulo miguel garcia fernandes forte
cidadao da republica portuguesa
carta de indentidade, numero, 05327541
telefone 00 351 926263177

(this letter document here today , 23 of november 2011, as a more other video that the original as all can see above by the photos of the original send in portuguese)


photos of the first letter send to CURIA, european court on 08 of july 2011
original version in portuguese

foto one

foto two

foto three

foto four

foto five

foto six

foto seven, prove of the envoi

foto eigth, second prove of the envoi


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