quinta-feira, 8 de junho de 2017

this is not the emotional expression of a sweet angel

As you all can see, the emotional expression of this boy that recently have won the Eurovision contest of this year, a theme that is also on the table of analyse by the albums 91/92 and the recent terror acts namely in Olaf Palmer country, Robots Presidential candidates, Pr 84 / Zenha and Ted Kennedy, is a little different from the dominant one that he had represent on the contest and others apparitions on media's. First was a kind of humble demand of pardon of love and now, like saying, you are fucked and I have contribute for it, must I suppose in the context of my video comment, as usual, in love matters or more explicit, castration crimes that aim the maintenance of the slavery crime and the robber of my son?, or more fair to say, in apparently love matters that disguise namely killings as usual in these Nazis strategies! Perhaps part of the price payment?!

Four doctors to fall the his heart condition, must be a wicked joke in the minimum of comprehension, and a reason for a refuse of an American invitation done by a TV anchor?

What honour, attending the sexual lecher crimes that still going on, a flying cucumber must I presume!

Must I also include, in this AB reactions if so, the price of some more blood in London as seems be the news of day 05 06 2017? With a very interesting photo in one of the Portuguese bandits of the Nazis from the newspaper, a conjunct of peoples that seems Arabians behind a police rope and in a hand of a small and innocent boy perhaps with a water gun toy that by the form seems also a kind of plastic cucumber, or can be in this way interpreted.

More strange and even dangerous, this new line, because also refers the important theme on tsunamis, the knife under the bed, Fatal attraction, Sharon Stone, and by the news seems that the blood was done with knifes.

Other of the London images if true in the cover of news paper here, was a lady carrying and like offering a bouquet of flowers to someone that we did not see behind a police rope, and this particular image as the theme, knifes, makes of course a lot of complementary senses namely with the love letter to Silvia published recent and the recent echo of princess of Hasburgos, as recent also accounted on video.

This is true sums a again a very sophisticated construction done trough media's.

The water pistol on the child hands in the another image also links by the look, the Star wars sub line and perhaps the death of Carrie Fischer

Also in this day, in the so call news from America, the same theme as suggested even by Hillary, and in another news, again the same line that still going on about Portuguese rich peoples and jets and boat and helicopters and penthouses and Richard from Virgin and I suppose also Vodafone, or a alias of him, and a line of the text that suggest, more or less, that in the opinion of some, experts, must I presume, when Portuguese peoples do it, strange things arrive, Hillary head line was some of the kind, that she was expecting to be spank, perhaps not the right word but the equivalent meaning, in words must he all hope and presume, because all we know that she is an Angel.

Concerning my repeated and proved many time criminal complaints
Against namely VODAFONE for crimes of robber, spying sexuality and adulteration to promote wars and blood, if Sir Richard, the man above referred still do not any answers, then is fair to ask, is someone having difficulty to sum?

Puritanism is raising again in America and not only, minority's must expect a fight against recent acquired rights, if was proper to say that puritanisms only affect minorities.

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