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Edp saga crimes

The terrorists that have criminal access in daily basis to my house covered by all the NAZIS Portuguese authorities had as described in anterior parts made again some crimes on the electricity counter, this small video, (that perhaps is already changed by these fuckers, because there was only the last take an now are two together) shows the loop reading and the errors done expressly by programmation on the counter it self.

In the lasts time, after having described the crimes online pages of EDP, namely inductions blinking pages, perhaps false, where they also had change the fields, one for three, at the same time as I suppose had also change by programmation the counter readings at home.

I also suppose that they do this by the infrared system apparently only to reading when they came at home, but must also allows them to make changes when the terrorist needed.

In the last part of the EDP criminal saga, i quoted a recent interview and photo of Mexia, the board president, in a cover of one of the bandits association here in Portugal, a strange image that also mirror, the graphic behind him, a reddish line, as an apparent financial graphic going down, even with what seems criminal payments trough the Portuguese state, which also means a robber to the money of all, reflects and seems for me made expressly, one of the lines of a landscape behind a man sit on a chair of one of the draws included on Sylvia love letter, recently published on my blogs, just before this new killing at London, ( the knife )then as you all can see, there is also other story and even blood behind

Others draws of this love letter that as can be understood also mingles or as been reflected on this recent deaths in London, (the image on the news paper PT one, comment, the bouquet of flowers).  if true the death of a young lady that came from other country that according to the news she decided finally to live with her boyfriend, 

Also this one by the two lines reflect some details of the story accounted by Amber and Deep photo sequence published day 08 in this blog, this will be further developed

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