quinta-feira, 8 de junho de 2017

08 06 2017 1 part

at the end of this video more or less 18 m 18 s, the recorded was cut by a fucker that as normal was at the time of the recording going up and down on the building lifter.


it seems that lying is the dominant habit, the upper link was on my historic concerning one of the American news that call my attention in my last navigation, and the link today, upper this line, do not correspond any more to what I remember have see, witch means I suppose that one tat have already my video comment recorded already , had also the care to change the link.


Because there was a photo taken from upper of the whorehouse or factory where the shooting occur according the news, and there was visible a particular sign, with a name that if I remember well, was FIARMA or something very close and this phonetic value makes the connection with SIARMA, the company that have done the tricks works in my studio and actual place of living and by previous extension, with the lawyer Mota Soares, already comment in part in last video here published by the strange image news an title, the shadow of Paulo Portas still above the CDS.

This is a very vast line and can t be summarize now, perhaps I will conclude the comment

Indirectly Orlando is also in the table for many subjects as all can understand by my writings  


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