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3. Firts of all, if true, thanks by a name in your awnser.

the clip that i sent to you also do not work or play in all my video systems, and this is a recurrent crime of impeachment and robber of priveliged information, in this case a kind of awnser to potuguese terrorist from the actual portuguese cabinet around uber affair, that is of cours mask of other questions that may inclued acts of international terrorism.

Then if I understand well, is not possible to you to recover the clip that I had sent to you?

This crime is done by the gps system on the bloggie sony camera, and there no settings around or concerning this system that allows terrorists to stole and re edit even reel time my recordings

many thanks

I still appreciate an awnser concerning my first questions that I had submitt to you, namelly the wirelless embebed system integrated on my laptop system and how to do not allow by your applications settings the illegal and criminal acess to my pc, applications and settings

I also send a link of some proffs conecrning what seems an embebed system of the root of the original windows 10 pro with a text that you must translate because is in portuguese.


paulo forte

2. My name is Christopher and i will be handling your case.

I am sorry to inform you sir that the file sent to us can't be opened as it is damaged. Can you please check if it plays in your system and then send it to us again? If the video is not reproducing, could you please describe what is wrong?

Additionally, you can always run a full system scan with your Kaspersky Internet Security to check if your system is OK.

Thank you in advance.
1. Can you explain to me how to fix this video mp4 file that i m sending as attachment, if this is a maliciuos code as i suppose.
the terrorists do many times some thing on the takes, by remote control on my bloggie camera, when the content afraid them.
There is a way to understand how they do it and to fix it, because neither the player nor the magix editor recognize the take

video take reference sent as attachment MAH03868_819C0000
seems that the take is upload well

paulo forte


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