segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2015

email just sent now to Mr. Junker, EC president

 Mr. Junker,

I still insit in an awnser from you, Mr president, concerning the many complaints that I´trying to present to european institutions from 2011 without any awnsers others that what I see in pictures sometimes on medias, concerning a crime of robber, abuse and torture of my son and myself that as I had prove behind any reasonable doubt is first of all know by all the menbers of commision from the time of Mr. Durão Barroso presidency, and that exist many criminals reasons, political and not only in political field, to the maintenance of this crime that also includ my own slavery, by others words, you all have criminal motivations in the participation on this crime against a european  miner child and a father

i send one extract of my recent video statment published in my open public space of communication , ref 962 M 17 04 2015, with an inquiry directly adressed to you

with my compliments

paulo forte

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