segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2015

after my public inquiry the the secretary of the tresor, worten sonae crimes and constant adulterations crimes

1. the crimes of sonae worten

recent I comment this crimes again in the video link above

in this link the prove of the invoice of this complaint to the DIAP, in 2012 (department of research and penal action) that i do not have until now even a reception invoice, must i conclude a normal corruption crime?!


07 09 20122, diap, public attorney, sending complaint against Sonae and others HP inquiry, my replay, ctt prove envoi letter to Sonae, envoi to Sonae, receipt, stamps and grandfathers, the text send to diap with this complaint, provider de justice of Europe, robber of political concepts, the Portuguese provider, a inductee dream that seems be connected with the last image from ONU, ban kin moon, recent video comment, Hollande glass pss image newspapers, Teresa Guilherme, and Eva green kiss

in this link the complaint done at time,

Another complaint against Belmiro de Azevedo group, supermarkets, Pingo Doce, sweet drop,  and poisonings,

2. the secretary of tresor

this is on line part of the sequnce of images and her statments next day after myvideo  publishing,

952 M 30 03 2015 to curia and to all, some others aspects around the Swiss crash, and strange criminal metaphors act by the secretary of tresor

under the link to the newspaper Sol, online edition

I ask the court to collect the print edition and specially compare some positions of her non verbal language, the cover is like a strip, with my recent videos. namely this one, . The headlines on the printed version are a little bit different, namely the enigmatic sentence, when she say, at her home, the only thing that she do, is " passar a roupa a ferro"

3. the constant crimes of adulteration , the swiss alps airplane crach    

In the upper video at my publishing before today, the order of the comments is change in the editing process, which means reel time controlling my pc and my editing application, this aim take credit of of my statements, whoever i suppose all can still understand

4. they erase the date of the news linked last publishing before this one about the curia condemnation about telecom and dog in practices, and also the link to the pt newspaper online where i detected this news, in 05 11 2012, date of my original publishing concerning this court decision, but the news is from a anterior date

5. just sent now an email on the government page to the secretary of the tresor with the video link upper mentioned

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