segunda-feira, 9 de março de 2015

929 M 09 03 2015 supreme court tsunami 2005, o "catalizador"

1. Goncalves as name have at least three references, the psychiatric, the banker, and maybe the son of Cristina Pinto, as explained on this video

2. I suppose the video has been subtle adulterated, just a word that correspond to a number that I read when showing the erasing crime done in my pc concerning the time line of two videos, this is possible as I already explained on the past, and aim as normal the disbelieve of my accusations, I wont these peoples persecuted and present to a court and an end for these crimes that are increasing everyday

927 M 04 03 2015 to curia and to all, a new criminal complaint, robber and adulteration of my accusations

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