sexta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2015

le tige de jade, extract, the figure of the satyr, japoneze panels, tsunami 2011 japan and NY 911 and a kiss

 le Tige de Jade

as all know this satyr image or figure from the greek mitology is a sub line of the " monkey " figure in the japoneze panels that after had became teh satyr image, as already explained connect japan tsunami 2011 and NY 911.

this extract with a kiss to Batrada , a portuguese actress that appear by the news papers , DN, within the trial of Elif Shafak, is also a more complex sub line, that seems link, turquie, ucrania, minsk an white house recent lines.

Batarda is in a way a image of Cate Blanchet and before in the time line of my book of life, Adelaide, a SIC tv presenter that after married an american boy


a kiss to batarda, or adelaide, or cate blanchet or paula T silva and by some details to curia

this is a second version of the original video hereby published with more five minutes at the end that the terrorists had succeed to cut

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