sexta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2015

919 M 26 02 2015 after the phone call to the supreme court cabinet, the reading of the sent letter 16 01 2015

After the phone call to Ana Ferreira, assistant of the cabinet of the judge president of the supreme court, Henrique Gonçalves on day 22 02 2015, that is recorded , published and comment here in the videos 915 M 22 02 2015 and 916 M 24 02 2015, some more comments and the reading of the sent letter at 16 02 2015.

as seems normal during all these years this constant procedural crimes and absence of answers show behind any reasonable doubt they guilty and the existence of criminal interests behind that they are trying to protect all these years

I did not had during this week that today's finish any development from any of the three cabinet that I had contact last week

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