segunda-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2015

906 M 16 02 2015, part 15, public criminal inquiry to curia

1. again I ask expedite action-

2 A comment on a news last week here in Portugal concerning the conviction of the Portuguese courts around a rule on a child custody case, a child that according the news was authorize to go live in another country , in this case, as they say in Chipre, that seems also can have some resonances with some of the recent Greek lines. if true this news, this reinforce all the suspicions that i m present from 2011 around my case and the case of my son, and the criminal behavior that i m finding also at the European criminal court

3. An attempt of murder and a robber last Saturday, what seems be an attempt of murder and a way to obtain my address by the guimaraes shop with the reclamation that i deliver there today. as i stated in this video, this seems fit on a kind of criminal answer within my two last comments to the justice minister, Paula Teixeira da Silva and also within some of international acts of terror comment on last videos

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