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22 04 2017 versao completa

The last video in this page, was adulterated and incomplete, for this reason I upload a new version with 02H20M

Synopses video 24 04 2017 complete version

The terrorists had lock me inside my home during a week and as usual profiting to make some inductions of lectures around others crimes, the constant Nazi perversity of this international conspiracy crime.

This video synopses approach and remember some of the more abroad contexts concerning some criminal facts arisen in this crime, that are explained in previous documents of mu accusations, which means not all are again comment in this video.

Developments on the mis en scene at the rear window, the violet pot as the pot in the Hesperides garden in the jump bed of the Kanguru, after the boy laid down as a death one, and the three inverted dishes or the three dead poets, Gonçalo M. Tavares sub lines. By programming , during the editing, these fuckers still have reel time access to my PC, appear a reference suggested in this criminal way concerning a 107 id, a peugeot, witch means also a connection with one of the PR 84 issues.

Some considerations on sexuality and love, fallowing the last sequence of videos from Kinky com Los Angeles. Some readings on a text on love romances from the PR 84 Oct and description of a recent lecher crime done by the upper floor to my office.

Some aspects from PR magazine, October 84, French and not only matters, some of these facts are connect with recent robbers at my home, my personal photo archive, a sequence with Olga, and this also points the previous criminal connection in the associations done by the criminals on this return to the PR 84 issues, that are already target of some videos and extracts

An announced crime by the ex socialist PM, Socrates, that prove by itself they active participation on these crimes, a week close inside my home due a technical pass on the Lynce locker, as usual very well prepared with multiple possible meanings, as references; to earth-shakes in Italy Amatrice, Abruzzo; Lecher crimes on the context of political robbers at the presidency of EC Durão Barroso, in the PP, Italian cabinet, Francisco Speroni, the anal fistula attack facts and images of bangs on the earth by Paulo Portas and others, Portuguese PP, the connection with the recent campaign, Positive politics, Conceição Cristas, sexual abuses, and taxes persecution crimes without any answers from my complaint in the beginning of the crime of robber of my son, as recently described on last accusation extract published concerning the crimes trough internet, Vodafone and Goggle.

The constant crimes done by daily illegal entrance at my home, namely, destruction of furniture, recent ones, witch means, also the “hurry works on the kitchen and WC to make fall planes with Nicole Kidman lost phone numbers”, in this crimes, a clear and consequently prepared connection with the content of one of the videos recent published in a sequence, from Kinky com. Los Angeles, torture and abuse in the prison film from kinky com, the Mexican or South American sub lines recently arisen after the America campaign and recent sub lines from the Chile lady President; in the crime at my home not with “filled squid”, rather rice on the pipes, a recurrent crime within other tragedies like Takoban, remembering that, squids, is also a sub line from Cameron and Samantha in Algarve some years ago as explained that started with my lectures around Maddie case, the English missing child, and links, by the shark figure some aspects of sea California tragedy. Also have the meaning of the spider, and a death one according the recent lectures.

Waves, and toots, of the door lock, or the toots of a certain beast of the sea tsunamis or a induction of lecture, also a well prepared connections trough Microsoft MSN, last Saturday passing for a rose wave dress, and some clips with a beauty and changed musics after my comments.

The sadistic constant side of these continuous crimes from more then ten years, remembering a TV American series, the sadistic dog, veils and fictions that disguise these constant crimes, two small jets coming and gone in the same day, and a kind of Dart Vader projected voice about choices, without specify which.

What can be others purposes to close me one week at home?

The recent solicitor sub lines, and the recent robbers of documents at my home in these contexts as explained before, perhaps a secret agreement without my knolodge or agreement.

New comments on the crimes at Media Markt in Benfica Stadium, the two boys, and a imago of Rhianna in the middle of a stairs, remembering that the complaint on September pas within namely Gutierres/ Dylan/ Obama sub lines and the posterior fall of a Brazilian plane still do not have any answers.

Description on the locker crime, after been here Saturday the technician, what i can deducted, is that the first crime detected and comment in recent videos, the small piece of metal that aims the tune of the door and the locker itself, as show in video, that some unknown terrorist that illegal enter my house had change the original position and consequently the tune, have as consequence that the door, “works more” on the toots and in the circles that they enter when close and open, and it seems that one of the four vertical conjuncts of three in the door, did not work, and stay closed, but this first detected crime, can be also a disguise, for another one done meanwhile in this third vertical conjunct of toots, because the technician apparently did not rich to open it, and i feel this a little beat strange. I suppose as usual in this Nazi crimes, that they will try to sell the recurrent idea that this is part of a game or even a bet, but i must insist, these are crimes, unknown peoples can not enter house of others without previous permission, as they can not still, and destroy things and change others and for these reasons must i insist in they presence in front of a court!

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