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21 02 2017 2ª PARTE


Almost five a clock in the morning, and I cant sleep due cardiac problems, and I profit to record a second.

Cardiac problems part that this peoples have created from August last year, by many kind crimes, metallic sounds on the false ceilings like metallic cords, all nights, poisons, and many passes due by the illegal and constant access to my home, like the ones accounted, on furniture and drawers, even now, some weeks already, after re arranged the drawers on the cubic stone furniture they had come again and do the same in the draws.

In my main manuscript that Im writing from the African summit with Obama more than one year ago, in the parts already published, I have drawn this piece of furniture that is in my room, and as explained by written, there is a very strange and enigmatic value around the draw, that first reproduced her image on a magazine cover at the time of the launch of another more recent movie.


Her image, a kind of trip scenario with two travel metallic boxes in different positions like suggesting torsion and pentagrams by the resultant forms, a cahier de voyage open like a giant wave, and supporting her face with the hand in the original position of Madonna in the albums 91 92 made by Cristina Coutinho, on the theme of MTV robber concept at time, trough as I deducted in my analyze, by London,  had become, Nicole figure representation also the figure of my robber son with a significant detail, a trace, a vertical one above is body, that is also a detail on the same albums of photographs, in Lapa Lisbon, embassies subline during the shooting of the council spot where I use a kind of top gun jacket that belongs to Cristina Coutinho.

This sequence of photos on the album had also after my publishing some echoes on Portugal, namely the ones that are expressed by the criminal ex elephant president Cavaco Silva, as the newspaper clear show at time by the photos, at the timeline, and within the demission of the anterior government carry by the elephant Pedro Passos Coelho.

Remembering Cavaco Silva had reproduced in a cover the same position of harm pointing down as it is visible in one of these photos, that has also an important value on 911, the Coca Cola or Pepsi elevation.

The other memory key image of this criminal that I consider proven as active participating in this crime of international conspiracy and the robber of my son and for theses motives I demand immediately arrest, as also Pedro Passos Coelho, at the time of demission of the government was the first one on the pulpit of the parliament in the speech of announce of the government fall, where the main value of cubic stone is also represented as in the Australian parliament (ref to the video power point, recently published, Nicole and the cubic stone of the sea at Belem), a hungry face, and a finger point down entering the Vase of the letters graved on the pulpit wood, LEX AR, a curious term by other meaning present in the imaginary of many, the archenemy of Super Man, Lex Luther, and is group as meaning of a kind of different parliament.

As I also explained the article from the 90´with me at my company with the captain solo joystick (video editor with the  name Solo made in GB), Madonna, and another journalist around an interview that I sustain is false in certain details, namely the fact that MTV had already at time 10 years, which means, a probably way to disguise the robber of this concept, has been forgery after my publications of the scans that I made of the entire two albums, because at least the memory image that I still have, is that Madonna had the same position of hand and arm of Nicole Kidman in her movie advertising, as also others important details, like the hair in waves, an overall looking of Jessica Rabbit.

This hair waves also established some connections with a sequence of photos recent included in the PP, ZO DO OM DO SEA INFINITY, where after the Madonna sequence of Erotica, another appears that re introduce some of the key elements or figures also around 911, namely the scepter, or an element concerning the main theme of the Thrones wars, and recent evoked also correlated with Ivana Trumps.

The sum in this point speaks about a constant group of robbers that came from the 90´ maybe from Great Britain, that are also connected with the 911 and the robber of my son and some erotically process or heatings, the figure of Jessica rabbit, and a relation with three America figures, Nicole, Madonna and Ivana, and the presence , knowledge, or even active participation of the elephants, the Portugueses ones, and  the possibility of involvement of Pedro Passos Coelho, as other more darks crimes, that arisen in the embassies quarters and lectures in recent years, and I can, even think that these two recent killing of ambassadors within the HURRY WORKS ON THE KITCHEN WITH LOST NICOLE PHONE NUMBERS, can perhaps have something to do with it. Why? Because one details, expressed at kremlin with Putin and the Greek ambassador, express also a detail on the Great Britain Queen stamps, the electronic circuits and one of the murdered ambassador, was Greek.
The values of Nicole movie image also include vaults and secrets as explained in this comment, as also line can be understood as blood line, also a term within the war of thrones.


Concerning the time of her car accident in Australia at time of the shooting, is that, the coffee in Calvary where I saw a scene of her movie aired on television is the same that in recent months, appears to my eyes, outside, in a Sunday, a piece of hair, correlated at moment with another important theme, the plume or the feather, or the missing small child, prefigured in a lady , small, blond that do advertising to beers, a theme as explained that goes back until JF  Kennedy assassination and had acquired many means and values concerning others deaths.

These more recent facts arisen at the time of Ban Kin moon visit to Lisbon and a conjunct of readings about corps half smashed like fall of small planes and car accidents. The first value or line, that was also expressed during Hillary campaign with namely a Mexican feminine id and the form the rat ears, (also like one of the Madonna recent published photos) also connected vaults and secrets, and another sub theme, an important one at time of analyze, the Baby doll, a figure emerge from the analyze of the Devils mouth, important elements of the 911.


Before, the analyze of small planes fall in America through an x hamster movie values, that can fit in three possibilities, the senator and the commission just after the 911, a flight jet, the killing also in a small plane of another Kennedy, and Sá Carneiro death also in a flight crash, and two particular aspects and meanings expressed, the Pali sades type houses, with the paintings on the walls that had reflected in a accurate way some of my previous work on Belen Nicole sequence as I show in my blogs.

The house on the x-hamster movie, had further developments because one equal or very similar had appear after in SIC TV, in a program on houses, each means, there is indeed some senses on these correspondences and perhaps SIC knows.

The image reflected is the artistic resultant of my work around one of the integrated photos of Belem reading in the PP Cubic stone, a close of green flowers on the ground, and a form in wood that is the symbol of a small fish, or a small fallen child, and this as you all know is a symbol of the child sacrifice on the throne or altar in the 911 as expressed on the images visible during the fall of the Gemini towers.

Also, as accounted during Ban Kin moon presence, some other content arise that also can be easily transposed to NY and 911, which means reinforce this values within 911 itself.

Pali sades or the image of a group of a sadistic lady as Pali, have as value within the hamster movie, a lady that had a particular gift to made became truth the desires of peoples of mans. Pali as American name is also quoted some large years ago on book of life when she emerge on the American political scene and one of the values that still is on my mind, was also again on the table, by the analyze of Iris, Comes, the hunter, the ALCE, Canadian borders, or Alaska, the bear, the symbol of the prime energy of 911, Walt Disney, Buena vista castle, Yung,  (ref American movie and association of guns) and rituals of the Snake.


The desk where he appears that is different from the Kennedy time and the one that the Queen have, is more like a fortress or even a bank, like a national bank, or in Portuguese correspondence the CGD, because this term is also present in this newspaper edition. Remembering some of the key values acquired during these more than teen years of analyze around CGD, and the stablished connections with the 911, namely as form of the Hunter trophy.

I just remember some days before the politic bailey rent article from Expresso and the CGD connections, the walk from Alvalade, remembering these discovers, the cross between AV Roma and Av EUA, an the transposition to NY 911, also a baby death on the underground lecture near this monument that I call the trophy hunter, the, PRP, meaning in the graved text by the missing letters, a corruption case within Socrates government and the man in front of this state department that deals with infrastructures, roads, the fall of bridge of Entre Rios

The value of forchet or trident expressed in the reminiscent in the 911, is also expressed on one of the facades of the CGD 


The swaps, or SW AP, (harbor, group, PS, donkeys) and the robber and exchange of documents, books, and keys at my home, a financial term that have also these possible interpretations, that is true are crimes in the state persecutions crimes that is constant during all my productive life, is fair to say, these peoples are criminals , I just remember that the actual PM when he became PM he was president of Lisbon council and when he assume functions of PM, did not convoke elections, he take another man from Porto to replace his role at the council and I suppose this says all about their criminal character. These are peoples that act as Nazis, I do not understand how is possible that exists political protections among houses, must I conclude that the political reality is all the same in all European countries?!

Perhaps, Im not travelling so much as you all know
By the reason of slavery and encirclement that Im subject to live in the last more than 10 years and without knowing nothing about my son


I just remember the death of a child in Av Ceuta, nearby, where many peoples whore death and had injuries during years, a cross point with a lot of traffic signals, eleven if I remember well, that for large years did never work properly. They also had invented the bumps in plastic knowing that on this large avenue there is always heavy trucks, then each time they arranged them, some weeks later they whore already damage, one time a had a tire down, and peoples have told me that they also had some accidents by this reason.

This plastic bumps that they had put for large period of years, can as I explained configure crimes of corruption, by the frequency that they had to repair and replace them. After they had done bumps in cement or similar material that work properly.

They also build some aerial passage for peoples that are impossible to use by older peoples or even peoples that must carry heights with them, which means, if I remember well, I never saw anyone use it, and in previous years I pass by car there every day at least twice. This technical solution is implement in many other roads and never work properly and by this reason, if not blindness, can configure a corruption crimes because raise always the same question, why spend public money in solutions that they must know that do not work?

I remember in these facts concerning these structures that are one at the entrance of Olivais that is integrant part of the facts analyze within the bombs in London, sub line Spacio CC / Sonae, Belmiro de Azevedo, and AT, finances director.

The next day after this child killing I was there to analyze in detail the question and I wrote and published at time a video comment, (first series which means upload at time in google servers) and a detailed text with all the description of the technical problems and the facts that had reinforce in my conscience that this was an intentional killing, perhaps not to kill Rafaela, but some.

Why I say this?  Because many time these accidents aim generate social heatings, once the police had intervened and shoot to the air to put apart the peoples from the two quarters, each one in each side of the avenue, each means this say to me, that some, even from others groups used the knowledge of the dangers in this place to settle accounts and generate fires among neighbors.

By other side, there was indeed a large technical problems or apparently technical problems, namely, the timing was not correct, and do not take in account all the possibly movements and simultaneous directions of the traffic derivate from the draw of the cross itself, each means this prove that the errors or intentional mistakes whore in part already done at the time of the road drawing and construction.

Also, I remark some facts and clues that still whore there that point a preparation of this murder, that perhaps they had use before in others crimes, a strange connection with mobile operators, and some specific color on one of the small broken lights signals to the bus corridor, that was placed in an impossible or wrong angle, lapis lazuli, that make a connection with a blogger, of Maria Sobral Mendonça at time.

As I also explained in write mode, this killing relates to this crime of conspiracy, because some days before I wrote and published a text about a fact with a child in one of the buildings windows at rush hours that had a religious sense, and was clear on my mind, that they had provoke the killing for some reason concerning this text.

Some days after my original publishing at time of this killing many peoples from the council of Lisbon whore there to see by themselves, namely Antonio Costa, president at time, and Paula Teixeira da Silva that after had become justice minister in the elephants government of Pedro Passos Coelho that is also quoted many times in my book of life and in particular texts.

There was also strange news in diagonal at time in newspapers saying that some foreigner expert was there and had gave me reason concerning the analyzes that I have done, but of course this can be just a smoke curtain.

After some years when I click by chance a link on my blog Ourosobreazul, this text reappeared to my eyes and was completed adulterated, all the crimes evidences were gone, and by the way that some unknow at my eyes had rearranged it, seems be at least some with a degree in letters, and I must suppose that this crime was command by the council itself or some department.

I also present public complaint published at my blog concerning this crime of erasing evidences and complaint about a case of murder and as usual I did not get any answers, this point the existence of a second crime of covering perhaps done by the same group that protects thee criminals.

In this video comment, I remember the contacts that I have done in person with a lot of different departments of the council at the time of an accident provoke by another trap that was in front of the house of the public attorney during perhaps more than one decade, and the lack of care that I found and the still missing answers from if I remember well by memory 2007! And this is the dark and criminal reality of public state institutions in Portugal.

Must I include in this point that this trap on front of the public attorney, had further and very strange developments with strings that connects acts of international terrorism, like Amsterdam and the touristic boats accident, the red-light subline, that after my presentation of these evidences and complaint was immediately erased and even in my external drives,  and the facts concerning the public attorney are integrant part of my criminal accusations delivered to the European criminal court and as all know also archived.


The criminal constant example of mirroring my case with the ex-minister of Gutierres, Carrilho and 
the TV SIC presenter, Barbara Guimaraes. I stated long time ago that these criminal mirrors with the crime of robber of my son can be responsible for others deaths in the universe of familiar disputes that kill average peoples 50 by year, and the answers that I had at time, as the one coming from Teresa Caeiro at time deputy of CDS indirectly stating that I was responsible for these deaths and this show the complicity and the perversity and the degree of mutual criminal protection among different political houses in this country in the Nazis hands.

I also remember that by reason the crime of robber of my son, I wrote a complete new law on these matters, family and Childs, that in part was immediate stolen at time by the socialists at the time of Socrates government, and this criminal fact, is one more that clear proof they criminal interest in the robber and maintenance of the crime against me and my son. This documents whore stolen by the huge stole done by and Vodafone, the first one recent remember, and I suppose that they also still online.

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