sexta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2016

my first question after suceed to create a Kaspersky acount , if the site is the true one

My first question is this one.

I just apparently if not re directly finally open an account at Kaspersky.

There whore two questions,  country and language.

My OS 7 64 is installed in this moment in English

Your first field says, Portugal, that indeed correspond to the country where I’m now

The second one was apparently inactive, which means I cannot chose any langue from the location that our site attributed to me

Will this cause problem on technical support?

Second question and must important

I have already sent to you a report of system information generated through your application

I do not have a constant wire connection to internet
And I had remove the wireless boar on my Samsung series E 300

Then some or many have a redundant wireless system that allows them to enter my applications and still and adulterated my documents and settings

HOW CAN I PUT AN END TO THIS whit the antivirus and register editor

Third question, is my Kaspersky installation original one?

A strange question I know specially if I’m not connects to the official page of my Kaspersky account,
but I remark that apparently some menus are not the same display in your page concerning my Kaspersky product.

For the moment I rest here

Just sent to you some link, a video in my blog with my actual installation of your if yours antivirus

1130 M 09 09 2016 account on informatics shopping day at Media Markel, and Worten, Lisbon

Where I buy the second Kaspersky disk

Crime of impeachment at Kaspersky page to create an account

Crime of impeachment at Kaspersky page to create an account

I have more but I suppose this will give all you a fair picture of the kind of problems that I’m dealing

Best regards

Waiting for your reply

Paulo Forte

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