quarta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2016

the usual crimes during the upload of my manuscript pages

this time I have recorded the screen to allow all to see it well. this is a proved behind any reasonable doubt. I WONT THESE PEOPLES PRESENT TO A COURT

This video do not have sound, I just see it now and I suppose that they had also succeed to change it, the speed that we see on the images when they are uploading is not the same that , happens here in this connection to the internet that I m using now. I suppose that they change this particular aspect on the video, to disguise the abnormal time during the upload  that is integrate part of the technical the process of robbing and adulterating the documents that i m uploading and namely the originals. Also we do not see the number reference to the pages, that is visible in the application, and i suppose this aim, to disguise the ones that they will do precisely adulteration's and then replace the originals that they precisely target

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