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Proof of the existence of two AXA assurances, before the apparent merge of both

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As all can understand by the parts of my actual manuscript already published at SEA MATERS, recently during the write analyze of some Russian tragedies like the killing in Beslan School, two helicopters had fall, one in Russia and another one at Arcos de Valdez in Portugal. There was as all know again a very well prepared operation of mis en scene at the same time of these events, that as usual no authority had answer until now. These sophisticate pass had include a lot of tricky documents namely during an attempt of murder against me, an apparent new assurance from AXA. 
These documents under published prove what I had remembered to all concerning the previous existence of two assurances on this field. Copies of the AXA annual declaration in three fallow years 98, 99 and 2000. Of course this is also connects with a lot of different crimes as explained on my manuscript, namely French killings.

Under I published 6 scans concerning AXA statements about these assurances, numbers, 125 942 and 124 943, life assurances contracts

These subjects are also target of a recent comment ref video, 

Paulo forte
13 01 2016

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