quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2015

some comments on the videos post yesterday and todays

1. The videos yesterday under published whore as all notice out of order due the lack of time on the upload. Yesterday when I arrived to PT headquarters, the shop of internet service, was closed, according to what the security man say to me, they had take the computers away. this is the " normal" criminal reality in daily basis in this country in the hands of Nazis, a lit bit like the political responsibility, they dismiss or go away but there not any kind of answers fr the crimes they commit. As all know, this service was provide by PT telecommunications, and there is a lot of prove complaints during this lasts years that do not have any answers until now

2. today's i´m trying to upload the others missing videos in this sequence, in other place, where there is a service that goes down automatically at 7 clock pm, i will see what i can do.

3. Also by this reason, I do not have the time to check the videos, but I already suspect that they had re-edit them, namely the one that I call the sadistic crimes, "981 M 15 08 2015 the sadistic crimes"  that was a kind of " resume" of the last crimes of this kind in my house and in my daily  life that are going on covered by all the authorities from the beginning of the robber of my son. 

These crimes of impeachment, robber and adulteration of information are growing all the days, and this is a indeed a Nazi reality

4. As yesterday I catch on a TV entering a coffee, the Nazi communist leader, was saying some on the kind, that "the government was doing a larger mystification campaign", I wonder why? 

The problem is that as all, they never say exactly what are the crimes that they are also aware and covering the, by other word, they are all the same, they all behaviour in the same criminal way

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