quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2015

and what so important they are covering with all these crimes of impeachment and adulteration's?

1. Namely, I must presume, two stated and explained correlations with a details of the draws of the video , " the mother changing the napkins of my son in the first day after his birth ", and the images, of presidenta Dilma in Publico, and in Vogue with Gisela, and, Stock, a Portuguese name, Maria Jose Stock,  in this particular case, a chair with the same line form as explained already twice in different videos

2. some correlations already explained that whore cut on the video, concerning the relations between the adulteration's on the album 91 92 details, the eye sub line, and the criminals that are involved in the robber of my son, witch means, this eye sub line,( Kline) is also expressed on the collage bag of the draws made by Francisco at college Moderno, in 2006 as show in previous videos on this particular subject

3The terrorist succeed once more to kaput my computer , and this criminal fact, always say the same, first because is a recurrent criminal pattern, when they are so afraid, and they start do everything to impeach, normally they kaput all my installation on the portable computer, and of course many documents, on facts on crimes are also lost, namely, the video editions files, that for instance serve to prove that they had adulterated the content 

4. one video is robbed during these last tries to upload them, i´m trying to upload the 987 M 23 06 2015 again

5. Some strange echos on news just now detected online terrorists DN, a Palma de Cannes,one of the symbolic elements on the analyse of the al bum 91 92 photos, the sequence that is present namely on the above video about this subject, "the Cannes palm", and the Cannes lion, the price that Washington Oliveto, a pub from Brasil had received at that time at Cannes,    seems had result again in one more death according the bandits newspaper DN, http://www.dn.pt/inicio/globo/interior.aspx?content_id=4642927 . Whoever as can be understood by others news, namely, from Holland about the spying acts made as they say by America,  and even on the so call Greek public debts discussion, others matters are behind this new killing, as I suppose this image says it all

Governo grego rejeita contraproposta dos credores

or perhaps this one at the link 


Reunião do Eurogrupo atrasada com Tsipras ainda reunido com credores

6 and a kiss to this great lady of the french cinema 

Quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2015

indeed my lady, a bird, I suppose, has announce you in my conscience yesterday, i was puzzling, but now I see your photo on DN, can you figure these constant inductions, if it was pure love......

and one more signature?

via do Infante, Algarve

serpente IV, a taça, referência do verso do artigo do Sete do figueiredo, no album 91 92, a taça IV, a quinta e a VI, sendo uma delas a orgia ao tempo, segundo a noticia

u, vaso, porte, ou up orte, ou um o rte, do Media acto, id da primeira ida

Media, L´Oreal reference on the Al bum 91 92 


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