segunda-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2015

894 M 26 01 2015, 13 part, public criminal inquiry to Curia, missing reception invoices already one week after the sent, letter parliament, lecture of the letter

lecture of my criminal accusation against the president Cavaco Silva. a letter also sent to curia day 16 01 2015. this letter as all the others with the exception, perhaps false of the letter above from the pr cabinet parliament presidency, still without invoice of good reception until the day of today, a week after my sent, this seems again as i suspected already a new crime of deviation and impeachment. the  printed letter whore also adulterated in the last revision version as I account here in this statement.

previous steps on this crime

and the letter or false letter received form the pt parliament, without any signature and a curious aspect, the word of the reference under, GABPAR, that seems and inducted lecture around the Curia acronym question and meanings, as G, AB from the BP, GB, par, pear AR, parliament

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