sexta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2013

581 E 01 11 2013 Hospital Amadora Sintra, again what seem be fake analyses, an attack yesterday against my father, Sending accusation to Curia, Emel crimes and others questions

In this video, is comment the crime of erasing the invoice to Curia from the CTTs of Av. 5ª Outubro and the pass that the lady there at balcony 10, had done with the stamps, and perhaps worst crimes, namely the possibility of diverting the envoy

Also a comment on what seems be again fake analyses at the Hospital Amadora Sintra in the consultation of yesterday, 31 10 2013, which if true is again prove of the constant attempt of murder.

Yesterday also i suppose an attempt against my father was done by the terrorist, probably a poisoning act on food during a travel to Porto

this video now during this upload at PT headquarters, take more time in the encoding of you tube that is normal, this can point already adulteration's on the content due on line in the upload time, there is already one notice, this video is the 581 and not the 580 as the head of video now say, i cannot check it now, but seems also that they change the reference, this normally aims, by repetition to erase it after, and maintain my apparently order of sequence by the numbers. Probably they had already done some others in the content it self

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