quinta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2012

new complaint submitted today to european justice provider


European Justice Provider

To the attention Lady Caroline Marin Vargas
Lisbon, 07 11 2012

Dear Lady,

I don’t know even if you exist, by the reasons that I explain to you and to all in the main letter in the annex folder, however, I sent to you and the European justice provider some complaints

I also remark that the bandits and terrorists have erased and change some things in the previous document that I sent to you and this a crime, at least of justice obstruction, as seems normal during all this years in this crime of international conspiracy, where the basic rights of complaint are not even assured, and this prove also they enormous guilty.

As proved many times, all my writings, calls, publishing and other activities are always controlled thought many, that in this way, allows the terrorists after to erase systematically evidences and proves, and my pc are always controlled by remote, some time, even in presence, committing the crime of doping me to illegal enter my house during the abnormal sleep.

Until this day I had sent to the European justice provider, 4 complaints that I only have the reception of the first one, with the name SOS, a question of life and dead concerning a European citizen present on day and without any answer until now.

For the reason explained, hereby I will send again the four first ones and four new ones complaints.

This letter will be within the fill form, and all the others and annex will be sent in an annex folder if it pass on line, for this reason of the constant crimes of correspondence deviation, I will send the letters inside the folder with an encrypt password, if you received, all the documents, please contact me by phone, and I will give you the passwords.

In the main folder you will find if they pass well thought internet, six other folders.

You will have the main document, in the folder, EPJ main document, and five others, with the fallow folders names, second complaint, third complaint, sixth complaint and eighth complaint. The, 2, 3, 6 and eighth go as annex by they dimension.

The main document on the folder EJP accusations main document will serve you as guideline for all the others complaints.

In the main folder you will find, two documents, one word and one xps and nine videos
In the second, always two documents, and five videos
In the third, two documents and 2 videos
In the fourth, two documents and 38 videos
In the eighth, two documents and 7 videos

All these documents, I will try to send in a zip folder, with the size of 19, 1 GB (20.608.731.837 bytes).
If this folder do not pass by internet, I will sent only the xps files above mentioned that correspond to the complaints one, to eighth, as annex in your page system. Then to see the video documents that are referred on the documents, you will need to go to youtube.com and in search field, put the reference to them and you should seem them, because they are, or at least whore available on line. I will send them at PT headquarters, by a 100 MB/second connection that these terrorist claim to have there, but as proved they are also implied on this conspiracy.

In this second option you will find, 6, xps.

This letter will be send within complaint your fill form.


07 11 2012
Paulo forte

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